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Vertical Straight Line Drawing Machine ZVT

Compact Straight-Line Drawing Machine RUBIN
Compact Straight-Line Drawing Machine RUBIN
The series straight-line drawing machine RUBIN has been at first presented to the wire industry by Herborn+Breitenbach during the WIRE show in 1996. This technical solution has been a world innovation with its control system ASB without dancer, with water-cooled drives and a water-cooled converter system.
KIESELSTEIN as the successor of Herborn+Breitenbach presented the advancement of this series at the WIRE show in 2006. The new features such as the self-contained drawing capstan cooling system and the modular exchange device for the drawing-die take up and the lubrication are the highlights of this advancement.
On capstans with diameters between 300 and 1000mm wire with an inlet diameter between 3.0 and 16.0mm can be drawn to finished diameters between 0.6 and 12.0mm.

Innovative features of this series are:
- Speed of drawing capstans of more than 30 m/s
- No chemical pre-treatment necessary
- Less space requirement due to compact design
- Reduction of wire vibration due to optimised frame construction
- Optimised capstan cooling with direct measuring of the cooling water temperature at each drawing block
- Direct water cooling of the drawing dies
- Maximum reliability due to most modern electric equipment
- Reduced environmental load by lowered noise level and avoiding of warm air