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Spool Coiler

Spool Coiler
As an addition to cleaning, heat treatment or similar plants we offer you spool coilers. They contain both a wire pay-off and a unit for the winding of spools. We offer our plants in different sizes for a large variety of spool sizes.
The advantages of our plants are:

-   Individual spooling speed and wire tension regulation via
-   Smooth redirection of the wire in order to avoid rear bending of
     the wire
-   Individually driven haul-off capstan with different coatings,
     according to your requirements
-   Traversing laying of the wire on the spool
-   Crap edge for the separation of untreated or insufficiently 
     treated wire from the finished product

In addition we offer several solutions permitting an optimum pay-off of the wire and an excellent transport through a heat treatment device.

With each of our spool coilers we respond to your requirements and would be delighted to receive your enquiry.