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Vertical Single-Block Drawing Machine EV

Einzelziehmaschine EV
Vertical Single-Block Drawing Machine EV
On the basis of our comprehensive experience we have constantly developed the vertical single-block further. For the configuration we can choose from a large range of components in order to develop the machine individually according to your requirements.
Depending on the type chosen, with this machine wire coils on a lift-off device and double drawing capstan can be produced. In combination with a rolling cassette on the EV block the production of construction steel or profiled wire is possible. Spooling machines, coilers as well as collapsible spools enlarge the range of finished wire bunches.
On capstans with diameters between 400 and 1000mm wire with an inlet diameter between 2.0 and 30.0mm can be drawn.

Innovative features of this series are:
- Drawing capstan with vertical axis
- Drive of drawing capstan by high-performance drives
- Speed of drawing capstan between 0 and 4 m/s
- Console for deposit of drawing tools, profile roll devices, rotating drawing-die holder or draw-peeling units
- Double drawing capstan with integrated lift-off device, extendable with straightening unit and diameter measuring device
- Special capstans for profiles and tubes available, also with shedding ring
Double mandrel