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Horizontal Single-Block Drawing Machine

Single wire drawing machine EH - Platestahl 2009
Horizontal Single-Block Drawing Machine EH
On the basis of a proven machine concept we have constantly developed this series further. Besides cold-heading wire, bearing steel, stainless steel, axle spring steel and other ferrous materials on our single-block drawing machine EH also non-ferrous materials can be processed.
A great advantage are the different capstan sizes. The quick pulling-in of the wire is ensured by a revolving pull-in dog. On request there is a choice between a manual type and a fully automatic solution. The integrated press-on rolls guide the wire torsion-free to the revolving mandrel. An optional double-mandrel increases the plant availability. On capstans with diameters between 500 and 1200mm wire with an inlet diameter between 5.5 and 50.0mm can be drawn.

Innovative features of this series are:
- Drawing capstan with horizontal axis
- Drive of drawing capstan by high-performance drives, on request with shift gearbox
- Speed of drawing capstan between 0 and 4 m/s
- Console for deposit of drawing tools, profile roll devices or draw-peeling units
- Special capstans for profiles and tubes available, also with shedding ring
- Double mandrel
On request we offer our drawing machine as part of a complete line including pointing machine, wire pay-off and other auxiliary equipment.