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History of KIESELSTEIN Group

History of Wire Processing

   Foundation of the enterprise Louis Herrmann, shop and needle manufacturing workshop in Dresden, Dippoldiswalder
             Strasse 1

1850    Start of production of wire cloth (30 kinds) and manufacture of wire bend products like e.g., daedal fences and aviaries.

1872    First factory at the lake. It is considered the first factory of mechanical wire processing in Germany. Later on, the firm
             becomes the market leader for wire products. Start of production of grid colanders and punched plates.

1877    Building of a new facility at Zwickauer Straße, the current production facility of KIESELSTEIN Industriesiebe und 
             Drahtförderbänder GmbH.

1879    Production of first wire belts from wire mesh.

    Louis Herrmann becomes a purveyor to the Saxon court for wire goods, punched plates and iron furniture.

1990   Changing the name of business into lndustriesiebe and Drahtförderbänder Dresden GmbH.

History of Wire Drawing Machine Production

Foundation of the iron foundry and mechanical workshop Breitenbach in Unna near Dortmund

  Foundation of the company Arno Loose in Chemnitz

Foundation of the factory Kratos in Chemnitz/Mittweida

The repair workshop Berkenhoff & Drebes becomes the machine factory Herborn

1952    Foundation of Drahtziehmaschinenwerk Grüna in Chemnitz

1968    Merger of Kaltmaschinenwerk (successor of the company Arno Loose) and Drahtziehmaschinenwerk Grüna

  Creation of the Herborn+Breitenbach Group with locations in Herborn, Unna and Chemnitz

1996    Start of production of the series "RUBIN"

History of KIESELSTEIN Group

    Foundation of KIESELSTEIN GmbH in Chemnitz. KIESELSTEIN GmbH buys the product programs of Herborn+
             Breitenbach, SKET Drahtziehmaschinenwerk Grüna and others

2003    KIESELSTEIN acquires the rights for the brand Herborn+Breitenbach

2004    Foundation of KIESELSTEIN International GmbH

             KIESELSTEIN is awarded with the intec-Award, third place for the development of a “Spool coiler for high-strength wire”

2005    Foundation of KIESELSTEIN Industriesiebe und Drahtförderbänder GmbH. KIESELSTEIN Industriesiebe und
             Drahtförderbänder GmbH takes over the wide range of products from the Industriesiebe und Drahtförderbänder 
             Dresden GmbH.

2006    Since 1st March Jens Kieselstein became the new Managing Director of KIESELSTEIN Group

             KIESELSTEIN is awarded with the intec-Award, first place for its “Modular high-speed draw-peeling plant with vibration-
             cushioned tool bearing”

2006/07   KIESELSTEIN Group acquires Arno-Loose-Park in Chemnitz/Kassberg area as its new headquarter.
2007    KIESELSTEIN is awarded with the Innovation Award by the Saxon Minister of State for Economic Affairs and 
             Employment for its “Type  high-speed draw-peeling plant”

2008    KIESELSTEIN is awared with another 2 intec-Awards: One second place in the category “Promotion of young talents” as
             well as a third place for its “New wire drawing machine with integrated draw-peeling unit”

2009    In the course of the reorientation of the product range KIESELSTEIN Industriesiebe und Drahtförderbänder GmbH is 
             renamed KIESELSTEIN Komponenten GmbH. At the same time the head office of the company is transferred to

2010    The economic cluster Chemnitz-Zwickau awards KIESELSTEIN with the Growth Award and honours the innovation 
             potential and the outstanding development of the group.

2013    KIESELSTEIN International GmbH acquires business assets of KIESELSTEIN GmbH including
             know-how, existing trademark rights and patents.