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Spooling machine SH-F + SH-TF

Travers. Spulmaschine SH-F
Traversing Spooling Machine SH-F
Our flying spooling machines are appropriate for the spooling of round and profiled wire. We offer them not only with normal, but also with traversing laying. Basically we offer 3 sizes with maximum flange diameters of 630, 800 and 1000mm. The maximum filling weight, depending on the machine size, is 550 to 2000kg. On request we design your machine also according to different specifications.
The basic equipment contains a flying spool take-up, a frequency controlled drive at the spool shaft as well as an electro-mechanic brake. In addition, we offer a steplessly adjustable laying regulation with constant laying step and consistent laying speed. A roller bearing ball screw and the frequency-controlled AC-drive permit the traversing operation.
On request, the spooling machine can be combined with a dancer magazine. In addition, the integration of an impulse counter for length measuring and a straightening unit at the wire inlet in front of the laying roll is possible. For the spool exchange a stationary lifting device and a spool lifting carriage can be delivered. Also an adaptation for quick-change of the spools for different spool take-ups is possible. The laying can be supervised and controlled electronically.
We are prepared to supply the flying spooling machine as an addition to an existing plant, to combine them with our drawing machines, both for single and for multiple wire plants.