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Down Coiler WVZ-S

Ziehwickler WVZ-S
Down Coiler WVZ-S

The innovations realized in the down coiler WVZ-S enable the processing of a large diameter range with high flexibility and productivity. Wire with diameters between 5.5 mm and 24 mm can be drawn. Further advantages of the down coiler are:

-          - A large working range due to double drawing capstan construction.

-          - Quick change of the drawing capstans due to modular drawing ring.

-          - The double mandrel guarantees a high availability of the plant.

-          - Hydraulic drawing die box adjustment.

-          - Easy wire handling due to integrated advancing device.

-          - The down coiler can be integrated into an existing drawing line or can be operated as a separate plant.

You can order the down coiler WVZ-S with automatic pull-in-dog for the protection of the wire surface and the surface of the drawing capstan or with triple drawing die holder.

The maximum inlet tensile strength of the wire for the down coiler is 1500 N/mm² at a maximum drawing speed of 180 m/min. The drawing speed is steplessly adjustable.

On request, we are prepared to find a special solution for you.