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Vertical Coiler

Vertical coiler designed as barrel coiler
The vertical coiler allows for a continuous wire take-up at high speed. The machine frame consists of a compact and stable steel construction.
The adjusting unit on the coiling rotor is adjustable in two levels. Further advantages are:
   - An accumulation magazine ensures the continuous operation
     of the machine
   - The integrated lowering device permits to keep the falling
      height of the wire constant during the coil build-up.
   - The stems can be changed through a double or triple turnstile
   - By integration an extra device rosette coils can be produced 
      on the vertical coiler
   - On request the machine can be designed as barrel coiler, 
      e. g. for welding wire
   - The vertical coiler can be upgraded to a drawing coiler by
      integrating a drawing-die holder
The vertical coiler is driven by a frequency-controlled three-phase engine which is controlled via wire tension. It can be designed in different sizes with winding capstans between 450 and 1000mm. Wire with diameters between 0.5 and 4.5mm can be winded at a speed of up to 30 m/s. The wire coils produced have a weight of up to 2500 kg.
On request, we are prepared to design your vertical coiler according to your specifications, even differing from these parameters.