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Horizontal Straight-Line Wire Drawing Machine ZHT

Horizontal Straight-Line Wire Drawing Machine ZHT
Horizontal straight-line wire drawing machine ZHT
This type of horizontal straight-line drawing machines is appropriate for the processing of steel wire, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper rod and super conductors. In order to reach highest surface qualities the wire drawing process can be combined with the draw-peeling technology in drawing/draw-peeling-plants.

Any pre-treatment of the wire is not necessary. Due to process integration downtimes are reduced and the performance of the plant is increased. The drawing capstans used show high wear resistance and are kept at an optimum temperature through an intense cooling. The drawing dies are directly water cooled and allow for drawing with dry lubricant, oil, fat or emulsion. With the different types we use drawing capstans with diameters between 560 and 1250mm. With a maximum inlet diameter of 40mm wire can be processed e. g. for the production of trolley wire. The integration of a shedding ring allows for the smooth accumulation of wire on the drawing capstan.

For special sizes and designs, we are ready to develop the plant according to your technical specifications.