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Bending Coiler

Bending Coiler
The bending coiler is appropriate for the production of heavy wire coils. It is used for the torsion-free take-up of steel and non-ferrous-metal wire, especially with thicker diameters. The wire laying is done in helical rings for high coil weights or with an adjustable constant coil diameter. It is driven by the preceded bull block or equipped with an own drive system. The two wire take-ups ensure a quick availability. According to the intended application, the bending coiler can be upgraded easily.
In its standard program KIESELSTEIN offers 4 types, which, depending on the type are able to coil wire in the range from 4 to 26mm. All bending coilers can produce coils with a weight of up to 3000kg. They run at a speed of up to 5 m/s.
On request, we are ready to develop different types for you.