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Spooling Machine SH-TR 2000 ST

Travers. Spulmaschine mit Richt- und Führungstisch SH-T
Spooling Machine SH-TR 2000 ST
The spooling machine SH-TR 2000 ST is a special type of horizontal spooling machines and is suitable for the production of spools with a flange diameter of up to 2000mm and a spool weight of max. 6000kg. At a speed of up to 5 m/s round wire with a diameter between 5 and 22mm can be spooled. Also the spooling of profiled wire with a cross section between 80 and 193mm² is possible at a speed of up to 1 m/s.
The machine housing consists of a stable welded construction in light-weight design. The vertical, electrically adjustable laying device ensures a constant bending radius. In addition, this device permits to adjust the laying width and the laying speed steplessly. Due to the flexibly adjustable laying roll the machine can be set up from different wire diameters. Further on, it is equipped with separately movable sleeves. The machine is driven by a frequency-controlled rotary current engine. For this we always choose the latest technology of different manufacturers. Hydraulic or pneumatic devices are not necessary in the entire plant.