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We get your machine ready for the new decade!

Based on our considerable experience in the development of new plants, we are equally able to modernise your existing plants.

Our concept offers a phased modernisation, that is implemented according to your individual requirements and targets.

Targets of a modernisation

  • Extension of the life cycle of reliable plants
  • Restoration or even increase of the productivity of existing plants
  • Improvement of the ergonomics
  • Increase of the operator’s safety
  • Consideration of new safety aspects with regards to the machinery directive
  • Increase of the machine availability
Our module “Analysis” comprises an analysis and recording of the current situation of the complete mechanical, technical and electrical scope as well as the circumstances under which the machine is supposed to be refurbished.

In addition, we check to what extent documentations and technical records are available or obtainable.

As a result, you receive a comprehensive status report.
Exemplary scope of supply:
  • Status analysis of the existing machine (examination of further modernisation requirements)
  • Recording of the current situation on site as regards the constructive design)
  • Review of existing documents and examination of further issues (e. g. need for spare parts, …)
  • Based on this module, the scope of the succeeding modules „Realisation“ and „Documentation / Certification“ are defined.
Our module „Concept“ contains a specific proposed solution for the complete mechanical, technical and electrical modification.

In this step, to the same extent as with the design of new plants, KIESELSTEIN puts emphasize on a maximum level of efficiency and demand-oriented configuration of the plant and all its mechanical and electrical components.

Aspects that are safety-relevant are basis of our considerations just as technological know-how
We will prepare a construction drawing and will provide a detailed list of the proposed modernisation measures.
In the scope of our module „Realisation“ the proposed solution is realized by the experienced technicians of KIESELSTEIN.

Depending on the extent of the measures to be carried out and according to your preferences the modernisation is done on site or alternatively in the workshop of KIESELSTEIN in Chemnitz.

All relevant parts are carefully checked, cleaned, levelled, repaired or, if necessary, replaced.

Besides the functional inspection and refurbishment, all surfaces can be treated and refined and colour adjustments can be made.

Safety relevant markings and, if necessary, light and signaling elements can be integrated.

Upon completion of the Realisation module of the quick the customer disposes of a more efficient, contemporary plant
Concluding the, the module „Documentation / Certification” includes a safety inspection and a CE conformity check.

All documents necessary for the operation of the plant including a declaration of conformity will be handed over to you.
Exemplary scope of supply:
  • Risk analysis and determination of the performance level
  • Software validation
  • Documentation and awarding of the CE / declaration of conformity
Our module „Digitalisation" is not only interesting to customers with new plants, but also for you, if you choose to do a retrofit.

With KIESELSTEIN as your partner, you will benefit from the advantages of digital solutions, which we put at your disposal together with our plants.
By linking it with extended digital technical options there is a further increase in efficiency of your plant in the areas of operation, maintenance and servicing.
For example:
  • Retrieval of machine data from the system control
  • Error analysis by remote access to the plant
  • Identification of components and creation of spare parts enquiries through mobile devices using the specially developed app k.connect 2.0.
The inclusion of these new technological solutions can be realized flexibly and is an improvement of the efficiency of the working process

Advantages of the program

  • Modular concept leaves the customer the freedom to choose between ordering the complete package and ordering separate modules
  • Costs are transparent and calculable in every module
  • Each module is defined in times and of manageable size
  • Several modules (e. g. Realisation) can be implemented by the customer himself
  • Realisation on site reduces down times
  • Cost advantage and quicker realisation compared to an investment in a new plant