KIESELSTEIN International GmbH - Hersteller moderner Drahtziehanlagen und Drahtziehschälmaschinen sowie Drahtverarbeiter
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Machines and Plants

Trolley-Drahtziehmaschine; Horizontal-Geradeausziehmaschine
Straight-line drawing machine made by KIESELSTEIN
KIESELSTEIN offers to wire producers and wire processors a comprehensive choice of machines and plants for wire production. Our range of products comprises the most modern wire drawing and draw-peeling plants, pay-offs for spools and stems, spooling machine, coilers as well as auxiliary equipment.
Our plants are usable for the processing of different wire materials, such as steel, aluminium, brass.copper, titanium, special alloys, super conductors and many more with dimensions from 0,1 to 50mm.
We offer complete production lines, but also single components that can be integrated into existing lines. In any case, our machines are planned, developed and produced individually according to your requirements and are optimised for the intended operation purpose.