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Hot Wire Drawing Machine

Hot Wire Drawing Machine
Hot wire drawing machines are used to reduce the diameter of difficultly transformable wire by drawing.
KIESELSTEIN Group produces these special drawing machines for the transformation of wire of molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, magnesium and special steel alloys.
Depending on the operation purpose and the customer’s requirements, before the drawing process these wires are heated up to the necessary temperature in-line either through indirect resistance heating, through gas fired heating or inductive heating. Temperatures between 300 and 700°C are possible. Additionally, the drawing dies are heated, in order to avoid that the wire is cooled off at this place.
With single or multiple hot wire drawing machine of different sizes and with drawing capstans of 80 to 1250 mm wire in a range of 6.0 to 0.008 mm can be drawn.
Special features of hot wire drawing machines:
- individually design for the operation purpose and the customer’s requirements
- application of different technologies according to the operation purpose and the requirements
- effective use of energy and proven technological process
- easy handling even with several runs through the plant due to similar spool take-up at the pay-off and the take-up
- low space requirement due to compact design