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Pay-Off Devices

Coil-Ablauf ALV
Coil Pay-Off ALV
In addition to our comprehensive range of drawing machines as well as spooling and coiling equipment we offer different types of wire pay-offs.
The type and the design are in most cases quite individual. Our range of wire pay-offs varies from simple non-driven pay-offs, optional with brakes to fully automatic, traversing pay-offs with controlled traversing and pay-off speed for the paying-off of spools.
There are also numerous options for the unwinding of wire coils, either with simple devices for overhead paying-off at a pay-off speed of 6 m/s and for diameters up to 15mm, or pay-offs for the tangential paying-off, both braked or driven, with fully automatic spreading devices for different coil diameters and safety switch-off.
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receive your enquiry.