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Draw-Peeling Unit

Draw-Peeling Unit
Due to intense research efforts KIESELSTEIN succeeded in improving the draw-peeling (shaving) technology continuously. Especially the development work together with our customers at our Science Centre Draw-Peeling contributes to the extension of our know-how in the area of draw-peeling (shaving) of wire.
Our draw-peeling units are characterised by the optimal bearing of the draw-peeling tool. The take-up of the peeling die can be designed individually. There are a quick change system for the drawing die cassette as well as an integrated drawing die cooling. The cooling of the blade of the tool is designed according to the technological requirements. The chip breaker ensures an optimum shredding and disposal of the chips.
Of course, we will adapt the draw-peeling units to your special requirements. In this way taking the technological conditions into consideration, draw-peeling units can be integrated into existing wire drawing plants.
If you would like to convince yourself of the results of the draw-peeling process, we are ready to prepare a sample for you on our in-house testing plant.