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Horizontal Spooling Machines

Spulmaschine SH
Horizontal Spooling Machine
The horizontal spooling machine SH is characterised by high working speed of up to 40 m/s and simple handling. The machine housing consists of a stable steel construction. The hydraulically operated spool lift and push-out device enables the usage of different spool diameters in one machine and facilitates the operator’s job considerably. Laying width and laying speed can be adjusted steplessly at the laying unit.
The range of machines varies from sizes with a flange diameter of 400mm up to spooling machines with flange diameters of 1800mm. Depending on the machine size wire in the area of 0.1 to 18mm can be winded on spools with a filling weight of up to 9200kg. Further sizes are designed on request.
The sizes SH 400 to SH 1400 are available as traversing, automatic laying spooling machines. In addition to these basic types, we offer individual solutions to our customers. We would be delighted to present them to you or to develop your machine individually.