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Vertical Spooling Machine

Vertikalspulmaschine SV
Vertical Spooling Machine SV
Our spooling machines with vertical rotation axis permit the flying take-up (on one side) and, if necessary, the take-up between sleeves. Spool exchange and spool detection can happen automatically. On request, the layer-by-layer spooling of the wire is possible through integration of an additional device. The laying width as well as the laying speed are steplessly adjustable through the laying device. In order to ensure an exact spooling a spooling width adjustment is available.
The machine range varies from machine types with a flange diameter of 630mm up to spooling machines with a flange diameter of 1600mm. Depending on the machine size wire between 0.3 and 27mm can be winded in spools with a filling weight of max. 3800kg. The spooling speed is up to 40 m/s.
On request, we are also ready to offer you different types.