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Research & Development

Forschungsarbeit: Verformungsmessung
R&D: Deformation measuring
In addition to our technical development of your machine technology consisting of a mechanic and an electric engineering department, KIESELSTEIN disposes of an in-house Research & Development department, which is working on new developments in the areas of machine engineering and material technology for the product wire.
Together with universities, institutes and industrial customers we are working on several development tasks, with the target to create new and innovative solutions for the wire industry.
Examples are the vast experience in the areas of draw peeling (shaving) and hot drawing as well as the recently developed 3D-wire structure strucwire®. Please contact us for further information.
Our Research & Development department disposes of the appropriate measuring technology and testing devices as well as, in connection with our cooperation partners, of a variety of possibility for the examination of wire material and the documentation of the tests carried out together with our partners.