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Draw peeling: an innovative technology for wire processing and

In the world of wire processing, a variety of processes are used to improve surface quality. One technology that is becoming increasingly important in this field is draw peeling.
Draw peeling is a process in which a wire is drawn through a special device called a draw peeling unit. The tool - the peeling dies - removes the edge layer of the wire and thus eliminates surface defects and unwanted impurities.
The advantages of draw-peeling lie in its versatility and efficiency. The process can be applied to various types of metals, including steel, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium. Draw peeling is used in various industries, such as automotive, electronics, and medical technology.
An interesting development in the KIESELSTEIN company in connection with draw peeling is the rental model for the draw peeling units. Instead of buying the equipment, it is possible to rent it. This rental model offers companies a flexible and cost-efficient solution. They can use the peeling unit as needed and integrate it into existing equipment without having to make a large investment. If the desired results are achieved, the unit can also be taken over at any time.
The rental model for draw-peel units enables companies to expand their production capacities, tackle new projects and react quickly to market changes without having to take the financial risks of purchasing equipment.