KIESELSTEIN International GmbH - Hersteller moderner Drahtziehanlagen und Drahtziehschälmaschinen sowie Drahtverarbeiter
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Join our team!
KIESELSTEIN International GmbH successfully sells its wire drawing and wire shaving plants to customers all over the world. Hence there is an interesting and attractive working environment for its employees. Be it the continuous research and development activities, the design of wire drawing plants individually engineered specifically for the customers’ purpose or the assembly of modern wire drawing machines – every section in the company offers interesting professional challenges. This turns the company to an attractive employer in the Chemnitz area.
In addition, the company offers various opportunities for primary and continuing education. The employees are trained specifically to extend their professional and personal skills. The company invests in the primary training of junior staff by offering apprentice trainings and dual education in cooperation with the vocational academy. In additional the company offers university students several opportunities to do internships.
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KIESELSTEIN International GmbH
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