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KIESELSTEIN simplifies the exchange of data with its customers

In the course of the implementation of our digitalization strategy we expand the use of digital solutions for the communication to our customers. From 1st August 2018 a customer portal in the form of an individual data cloud enables sharing information with the customers during ongoing projects and afterwards. Both project partners can upload or download files through an encrypted connection.

The advantages of this solution are obvious: So far, in order to keep everyone concerned in the loop, e-mails were sent often with large attachment files, cc to any person who is, in one way or another, involved in the project. Using the customer portal each project team member at both sides can retrieve exactly the information and documents which he needed in order to catch up on the latest status of the project.

Large data amounts occasionally forced the project partners to use internet services where it is not transparent who the data transmission works and where the servers of these providers are located. We cooperate with a German partner providing the customer portal who ensures the safety of the transmission by using SSL coding.

Even after the finalization of the project and the handover of the wire drawing or wire shaving plant to the customer, the customer portal remains at its disposal. At any time, he can download technical specifications, maintenance and repair instructions as well as part lists for spare part orders.

The customer portals opens a direct and short communication channel between us and our customers that makes the exchange of information simpler and more efficient.
Secure data exchange through our customer portal