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Aluminum-experts meet in Detroit

KIESELSTEIN explains how to improve quality of aluminum wire

Due to the constantly rising copper price all around the world experts are looking for opportunities how to replace copper e. g. in cable production or automotive industry. Not least because of its specific characteristics aluminum is an attractive alternative to copper.
On 19 and 20 July 2016 the Aluminum Wire & Cable Conference 2016 will take place in Detroit (Michigan, USA). Aluminum suppliers, producers of wire and cable as well as experts in the processing of aluminum from the USA and Europe will discuss the potential applications of aluminum.
One of the speakers is Jens Kieselstein, Managing Director of KIESELSTEIN International GmbH and expert in the area of shaving of wire. In his presentation he will explain how wire shaving can help to improve the surface quality of aluminum wire rod.
Aluminum Wire & Cable Conference 2016
Aluminum Wire & Cable Conference 2016