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New Representative in Poland

KIESELSTEIN enforces its activities in the Polish market supported by Wilhelm Tatje KG

Having found a new sales agent for the French market beginning of this year, the wire drawing machines producer KIESELSTEIN from Chemnitz is glad to announce a new cooperation with Wilhelm Tatje KG for Poland now.

In the past KIESELSTEIN worked in a loose cooperation with different sales agents in Poland and was able to realize several projects for Polish customers. In order to intensify the development of this market and to establish a permanent contact for the local customers, KIESELSTEIN strived for a long-term partnership and was able to enter into a cooperation with Wilhelm Tatje KG as the new sales agent in Poland.

Wilhelm Tatje KG is a family-run company with a tradition of more than 75 years, which as a trading house and as an exclusive agent is engaged in technical advice and sole distribution of machine tools and industrial equipment in East Germany and Poland. The head office of Wilhelm Tatje KG is located in Großbeeren, to the South of Berlin. Wilhelm Tatje KG disposes of long-term experience in the area of wire production and processing machines and is therefore the ideal partner for KIESELSTEIN.
KIESELSTEIN International GmbH is a producer of wire drawing and wire shaving plants, that are developed and assembled based on the customers’ requirements. KIESELSTEIN is leading in the technology of wire shaving in the world. The company operates 2 testing plants in its in-house testing center where the know-how is continuously improved. KIESELSTEIN employs 50 people at its premises in Chemnitz. More than 20 agents are official representatives of KIESELSTEIN in the world.