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Solutions Individually Engineered


From 16th to 20th April 2018 KIESELSTEIN, the manufacturer of wire drawing machines from Chemnitz, will participate in the wire show in Düsseldorf which is the most important trade show of the wire industry. At their booth D22 in hall 10 they will not only show one exhibit which will be a drawing block for the production of trolley wire with a preceding shaving unit. Moreover, the Chemnitz’ company will show how they will meet the increasing requirements of the plant operators in terms of service engineering in connection with their plants by implementing their digital solutions.

The main topics at the booth will be the technological competency in machine engineering and the wide range of services that KIESELSTEIN is able to offer.

Of special interest to the show visitors are the various technologies of wire production where KIESELSTEIN possesses high competency: From shaving of steel, aluminum or titanium wire, hot drawing of difficulty transformable materials, drawing of round and profiled wire, wet drawing to the thermal treatment as a process integrated in the wire production and the coating of wire – KIESELSTEIN offers different technological ideas which can be implemented in individual specific solutions for each customer.

Another topic will be the processing of wire, e. g. the weaving of wire into large wire meshes, the cutting of wire mesh and the patented 3D wire structure called strucwire®.
The service range of KIESELSTEIN comprises drawing and shaving tests on their own production plant, which is also available for contract processing. The supply of spare parts for existing plants, analysis and optimization of production processes in the wire industry, remote diagnosis of working plants as well as retrofit belong to the scope of services. For new investments, KIESELSTEIN offers comprehensive consultancy, engineering of plants and development of suitable tools as well as support during commission and guidance during trial operation.

One of the highlights to be presented at the booth is a 3D-printer, that will print parts for an add-on kit for soap boxes which improves the supply of drawing lubricant for the transforming process. In addition the drawing block which will be exhibited can be viewed in detail through a Virtual Reality application opening the way to new opportunities for plant operators.

We are looking forward to see you in Düsseldorf and to have interesting conversations with the guests at our booth. mehr Informationen

Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 accomplished


Since 2004 KIESELSTEIN International GmbH has been certified according to ISO 9001. During the usual recertification we achieved also the certification according ISO 9001:2015 in October 2017.
We express our great thanks to all our employees for their great commitment and we are proud that we reached this target together.
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Aluminum-experts meet in Detroit


Due to the constantly rising copper price all around the world experts are looking for opportunities how to replace copper e. g. in cable production or automotive industry. Not least because of its specific characteristics aluminum is an attractive alternative to copper.
On 19 and 20 July 2016 the Aluminum Wire & Cable Conference 2016 will take place in Detroit (Michigan, USA). Aluminum suppliers, producers of wire and cable as well as experts in the processing of aluminum from the USA and Europe will discuss the potential applications of aluminum.
One of the speakers is Jens Kieselstein, Managing Director of KIESELSTEIN International GmbH and expert in the area of shaving of wire. In his presentation he will explain how wire shaving can help to improve the surface quality of aluminum wire rod.
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Una comisión de expertos de trefilado se ha encontrado en Chemnitz


Los 10 y 11 FEB. 2016, KIESELSTEIN International GmbH tuvó la oportunidad de recibir la comisión  de expertos DGM en su planta de Chemnitz. Compartidos en dos círculos de trabajo, los expertos tuvieron la oportunidad de hablar de sus conocimientos mas recentes y de sus ultimas experiencias al rededor del trefilado de alambres y de tubos.  En la noche han visitado el Museo Industrial de Chemnitz.  mehr Informationen

Feliz Navidad !


KIESELSTEIN International GmbH les desea a sus clientes y a sus socios Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2016.
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