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Smart solutions for strong technology

KIESELSTEIN presents user-oriented solutions

From 30 March to 3 April 2020, KIESELSTEIN the producer of wire drawing machines from Chemnitz will exhibit at the wire show in Duesseldorf, the largest trade fair of the wire industry. At booth D22 in hall 10 a heavy single drawing block will be shown, which is used for the production of spring steel wire.

The block disposes of various smart technical solutions that increase the efficiency of the production, raise the quality of the wire produced and supersede manual interventions of the operator which considerably improves working safety at the machine.

The automatic, swivelling pull-in dog eases the drawing-in process of the high-tensile material which can only be handled with great efforts. This device ensures a maximum level of availability, ergonomics and safety for the plant operator. The drawing die box is applicable for both, drawing oil and drawing soap. Several supporting features ensuring reproducibility contribute to a stable product quality.

A world novelty is the redesigned wire shaving unit DS-NE which will also be presented at the booth. Especially the increased demands on the processing of non-ferrous metals and special materials made it necessary to expand the previous portfolio by one more type. This unit as well can be supplied as a component of a complete wire shaving plant, or can be separately installed instead of a drawing die holder at an existing wire drawing plant. By using the technology of wire shaving wire of superior quality can be produced out of nearly any inlet material. For an increasing number of applications the surface quality of the wire plays a decisive role.
Another highlight at the booth of KIESELSTEIN will be the newly developed services. Firstly, the specially developed app k.connect will be presented, which will be part of any machine supply in future. It supports the plant operator in maintenance and repair as well as in spare and wear parts management. Further on, KIESELSTEIN will launch its modular modernisation program, with which used plants go through a fundamental overhaul, from the status analysis through the realisation of the modernisation up to the declaration of conformity – with the target to be reliably at the operator’s disposal in a second machine life at the latest state-of-the-art. Also after a modernisation of a plant, k.connect supports the digitalisation of the wire production.

Further information about all these new products and services as well as about our extensive range of machines and know-how will be given at our booth. We are looking forward to see you in Duesseldorf again and hope to have interesting discussions with the guests at our booth.
Schwerer Einzelblock EH
Heavy single drawing block EH