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Placing enquiries quickly and easily

KIESELSTEIN launches new service enquiry tool

Since middle of April customers of the German wire machine producer KIESELSTEIN can use a new service tool for placing their enquiries with very little effort.

If a maintenance person identifies a need for example for spare parts, he often does not have the opportunity to send an enquiry himself. He usually has to address his request to the purchasing department. He has to specify his need and put technical documents at the purchaser’s disposal, who in a next step forwards them by e-mail to the supplier. This is often a laborious and tedious process.

KIESELSTEIN intends to facilitate this process with a tool provided at The customer can choose if his request is for spare parts or for services or if he would like to address an individual request to KIESELSTEIN. Then he has the option to upload pictures or files containing details about the enquiry or his contact details directly from his mobile device. This can be done directly at the machine. A picture of the machine label and of the required spare part as well as a photo of the business card – and off goes the enquiry to KIESELSTEIN. To facilitate it even more, the company will distribute stickers with a QR code that can be stuck directly to the plant and which leads directly to the service enquiry portal. KIESELSTEIN is not only able to process enquiries for their own plants, but also for plants of other drawing machine brands.
Service-Enquiry Portal