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KIESELSTEIN operates as usual

Against the background of the current situation and measures taken in order to halt the spread of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) we are forced to check our supply chains. We coordinate with the major global suppliers as well as with the smaller local ones. Due to the short distance to the border, we also purchase from suppliers in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
At this moment, our supply chains are affected by the closure of the borders (currently, transportation of goods is still possible) and further measures taken by several suppliers and the German government. Without prejudice to even stricter regulations, we will check if there will be any delays resulting from this.
Our company still operates as usual. At the moment, we are not affected by any closing. However, even this is without any prejudice and taking into consideration any further restrictions of the Federal and State Governments.
We strive to keep our customers and partners informed on the latest developments. Let us overcome this challenge together.